Cosmic View 2004
Cosmic View 2004
Reverence for Life

UHM - Sharing the Blessings - Creater - Cosmic - Melody of love - God's consciousness  Soul.

Space-Enginiering. Parsec Multiloog 2005
Space-Enginiering. Parsec Multiloog 2005
The Sun Rises Art

Art therapy is a humanities through sensory and physical persepties

From Personaltiy to Individuality 
From head to Heart. Sannyas
Inspiration 2006
Inspiration 2006
You have created things which are so dangerous, but you have not created a comparable consciousness which can be careful about these things. 
Beyond Psychology. Upanishad. Watchfulness. Wisdom. Being. Awakening. Arwarenesd. Blissfulness. Consciousness. Emptiness. Meditation. Nirvana. Ordinariness. Philosophy. Responsibility. Wisdom. 
Mystic Rose: A New Beginning
Be a Light Unto Yourself. Tears. Truth. Silence. Self. Responsibility. Mind. Love. Hypertension. Desire. Consciousness. Blissfulness. Anger. 
The Secret. 
From Ignorance to Innocence. 
I say: Increase man's awareness in the same proportion as he has increased his dangerous powers, and there is no problem. 
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