RCrystalline Pyramids within our Higher Selves

(The alignments between mind & hart

with spirit in the egoic body) and which are integral with the Crystalline pyramids in the higher Dimensions utilized as Energy.

Conduits to transmit and receive information in the form of love and Light Energy

directly between us and the source of ALL

That is

This is being a Pillar of Light 

Realize that being a Pillar of light is for the few because you will have tot have a very strong base tot hold this pillar up

Kilometer-high, see yourself looking at the planet from the outside, and realize that you are not all concentrated in one spot

Pathways of communication with the great Beings of the Higher Realms

our original cosmic Soul Song

our Sacred Mind and our Sacred Heart

Succesfully re-established. 

The connection with and between

See in a mind as if you were a 'lamppost where the light comes from the botton tot the top

Imagine this pole as a four-sided pyramid, extremely high

Energy conduits

transmitting and receiving Energies between Eart and the Central Axis of your Galactic Plane

As like an electrical grid where you just have tot have one wire for the energy tot go through, no matter how big that wire is.

Memory bank See Atoms, within the Soul Body

Conscioussness the initiation proces has been designed as a group event not an individual attainment

Fith dimensions

However, we are not comming to a dead end- we are stepping through an Infinity Portal into a new Beginning

We must decide what we wish to take with us into our new world, and we must lovingly but firmly, discern what we are to leave behind.

God - Consciousness changing act alsoo Trust

Now it takes heart, it takes love, and most imortanly we have tot believe in what we are doing. Because  if we doubt, the pillar will not generated.

Know that you are dearly loved, and you are always under my protection


Great SIngularity

Chiron and group fusion

New world of Aquarius

and the new identification which will heal the woud of the old and seperate... and the individual 

It is the Universal Temple of initiation 

The power station of Maitreya

I am th World Teacher,

as the Human repressentative of Maitreya as manusha, Buddha of Amogasiddhi wisdom

Those ocultist who are consciously  aligned tot their Souls (Monad)

and one wiht the inner Ashram(s) (oP

Patanjali's Yogasutra's. Yoga, ritambbara ("waarheidsdragend') wordt genoemd. 

Verwezenlijking van de eenheid met de Hogere Ziel

Soul realisatie, verlichting of zelfrealisatie 

Reizen met snelheid sneller dan de snelheid van het licht. 

Ervaringsgerichte realisatie van de aard van de Ziel

De aard van de Ziel is eigenlijk dat van wezen van licht. 

Een yogi ervaart zichzelf als een wezen van licht reizen in alle richtingen in de fysieke en inner universe. Arhatic Yoga 

Zo bestaat er naast Trikonasana (driehoekshouding), ook Parivrtta Trikonasana (de gedraaide driehoekshouding). In deze lessen leer je op een veilige manier in- en uit de gedraaide versie van een houding te gaan. Gedraaide houdingen hebben een positief effect op de ruggengraat én organen: ze zorgen onder andere voor meer flexibiliteit, meer doorbloeding, meer ruimte.


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